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The family company "Gorelov's Furniture" has revived an almost forgotten art of hand carved furniture production, enriching it with the newest digital technologies, which helped add singularity to the Baroque, Rococo, Renaissance, Ampire, Modern and other styles.

Luxurious carved bedrooms and living rooms, offices and dining rooms, furniture for conference halls and hotels, kitchens and entrance halls; elite staircases and doors, mirrors in carved frames. And all of this for romantics, dreamers, and creators, who wish to plunge into another age, the age of the Golden Age of Russia, the Renaissance age and the renaissance of Europe. Why not actually touch furniture from the era of Catherine the Great, feel the spirit of Derzhavin and Puskin, or just enjoy being the master of these tsar chambers? Our furniture is unaffected by modern market or fashion trends, it is made to last and its price only increases as time goes by.

During the 15 years of our existence, "Gorelov's Furniture" has become well-known not only in its home town of Armavir, but throughout Russia. We have also attracted customers from abroad.
"Gorelov's Furniture" displays have become noticeable events at furniture manufacturers' exhibitions in Moscow, Krasnodar, Sochi and Rostov-na-Donu.

The craftsmanship and teamwork of our team, as well as rapidly growing manufacturing capabilities, characterize us as a company, the partnership with which will always be successful.

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